Cold a damp for a couple more days

5:15 AM MDT, Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Although the clouds might thin a little today, another storm form the southwest is likely to make late today into Thursday cloudy with some rain (snow in the mountains).


This is the latest in the series of storms coming out of a cold atmospheric trough in the western United States. The storm this evening is not quite as strong or as cold as the last one, but it will still remain much colder than average with snow levels descending to about 6500 feet. Below 6500 the precipitation is likely to be rain or drizzle, but I would not be too surprised if some flakes mixed in by Thursday morning.


The weekend Friday-Monday should see a return to more spring-like temperatures with dry periods dominant over the periods with clouds and showers. For the areas that might see  a shower or thundershower, those would likely be late in the day. Monday might see an increase in the chance for clouds and rain as the next storm approaches, but at this point the timing of that change is still uncertain.

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