Cold, wet start to the work week

3 PM MDT, Monday, May 27, 2019

As if May didn’t have enough cold and wet days already, we are about to get another. After showers and thunderstorms this afternoon/evening (some severe, especially up toward Wyoming and Nebraska), we are in for a 36 hours period of much below average temperature with mountain snow and low elevation rain. It may be Thursday or Friday before temperatures return to average late May levels.


There is likely to be some long intervals of clouds and rain (maybe some heavy thundershowers tonight and Tuesday) along with some drier periods. The snow level will probably inch its way down the foothills to at least 7000 feet. It is not expected to snow in the lower elevations, but it may get close. Widespread temperatures in the 30s are likely Wednesday morning, and if it clears out, some of the normally colder spots along the Front Range may see light frosts. The record low of 30 in Boulder is probably going to hold firm.

2 thoughts on “Cold, wet start to the work week

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