Windy cold front, then dry & cool weekend

6:20 AM MDT, Friday, October 4, 2019

A Pacific cold front should move northwest-to-southeast across the Front Range region this evening, but with little or no precipitation. However, gusty west to northwest winds are likely to accompany and follow the cold front this evening into Saturday for parts of the region. The higher mountains and west slope did not benefit from the cool drizzle earlier this week, and so the dryness combined with the gusty winds may elevate the risk of wildfire in those areas.


After the period of gusty winds, it should be a dry weekend with chilly mornings and mild afternoons. Temperatures for Colo Springs-Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins-Cheyenne are likely reach the 60s during the afternoon and drop to the 30s at night. There may be some local frosts either Sunday or Monday morning once the wind dies down, especially in some of the cooler river valleys. Warmer weather is likely next week until the next cold front around midweek.

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