Snow then record cold Wednesday night through Friday morning

12:30 PM MDT, Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A strong cold front Wednesday evening will bring in unusually cold weather, with record lows likely on Friday morning. Wintry precipitation is likely Wednesday night and Thursday bringing the first measurable snow of the season to the lower foothills and plains.



Low clouds are likely to increase rapidly Wednesday evening following the arrival of the cold air. Some areas of light freezing drizzle or snow are likely Wednesday overnight (maybe some rain at the start).  Precipitation on Thursday is likely to be snow. This is not a classic upslope event with east of northeast winds through the depth of the mountains. The main snow will likely be a southwest-to-northeast band that moves southward through the area (oriented with the upper air jet stream). There may be a brief period of moderate or heavy snow with that band. Right now it looks like timing of the snow band will be Thursday morning for areas north of Denver, and maybe late morning and early afternoon from Denver south. This timing may shift by a few hours as we get closer to the storm.


Likely accumulation:

Foothills and plains: 1-3 inches in most areas (local areas up to 5″ if the snow band slows or stalls briefly)

Near the continental divide: 3-7 inches.



The front will probably be through Cheyenne in the late afternoon Wednesday and then move rapidly down the Front Range late Wednesday afternoon through early evening. Temperatures are likely to plunge to the 20s Wednesday night, and remain near or below freezing on Thursday. Under clear skies and likely snow cover Thursday night we will likely see record lows by Friday morning.

Friday’s record for Denver is 22 set in 1946.

Friday’s record for Boulder is 20 set in 1977.

Friday’s record for Cheyenne is 15 set in 1977.



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