Temperature switchbacks over the next week

5:45 AM MST, Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Over the next 5-7 days we are in for at least two cycles where we get a day or two of mainly sunny and mild weather, then a period of mainly cloudy and cold.  The mild periods should be today through Wednesday morning, and again Friday and Saturday. The cold spells should be Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning, and again Saturday evening through Monday. (The next cold period could start by Wednesday morning in Cheyenne.)

Precipitation? There are no organized storm systems, so no major snowfalls are expected. There is a small chance for some light snow or flurries during the cold periods. It is more likely that there will be some low clouds and areas of freezing drizzle in the lower foothills and plains Wednesday evening-Thursday morning, and again on Sunday.


The cold air masses over the next week are shallow and coming from the north and not the west. That means that the changes in weather for the lower foothills and plains will be less noticeable in the high mountains and West Slope. It’s possible that even Nederland and Estes Park will be above the low stratus clouds.

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