Next cold front not until end of the weekend

Noon, Friday, November 8, 2019

It looks like we may get an unseasonably warm weekend ahead of the next strong cold front late Sunday.  On Saturday, temperatures in the Colorado Springs-Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins corridor may get near 70, and possible back to at least 60 on Sunday. The cold front will probably move through Cheyenne Sunday afternoon, and then move south in the evening through the Colorado Front Range urban corridor.

Like the last cold spell, the cold air mass will be shallow, so the thickest cloud cover and best chance for precipitation will be in the lower foothills and plains. West Slope areas will have only minor changes.

Freezing drizzle is likely Sunday night in and along the lower foothills (mainly below Estes park and Nederland). Some areas of snow may develop by Monday morning causing some light accumulation (around an inch). Although the clouds may thin a bit Monday, it will likely be a mainly cloud day with temperatures only rising to around freezing. Tuesday is expected to bring a return to milder weather.


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