Colder, some snow tonight

10 AM MST, Sunday, November 10, 2019

A strong cold front is approaching Casper, WY from the north at this hour. It will likely move through the Cheyenne area in the late afternoon and sweep southward through the Denver-Boulder area between 6 and 8PM.


Following the cold front we should see an increase in low clouds and a chance for freezing drizzle toward the midnight hour. After midnight as some higher level ice crystal clouds move over the area, the freezing drizzle is expected to transition to intermittent snow (mainly light). The snow will likely taper off within a few hours of daybreak. Accumulation are likely to vary from a dusting to about 2 inches for the morning commute.


The cloud cover will probably be slow to thin on Monday, and daytime temperatures may fail to get above freezing in the urban corridor. Milder weather should return Tuesday afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Colder, some snow tonight

  1. Steinbeiss, Mike

    Hi Matt,

    I’m a relatively long time subscriber to your blog and I really appreciate your posts and accuracy.

    I know broad, long-term forecasting is hit and miss, but given your track record I thought of you when trying to find CO winter temp and precip outlooks. Would you be willing to send us your thoughts on how the winter forecast is shaping up for Boulder and the Front Range?

    Thanks for you work!
    Mike Steinbeiss


    1. mkelsch14 Post author

      Thanks for the kind words. I don’t make public seasonal forecasts. Certainly I think about long term possibilities. But it’s a complex relationship among the ocean temperatures, areas of snow cover on the continents, natural cycles, and climate change. My projections about what it will be 3 months from now are not very useful. There is a group that spends a lot more time on these questions than I do. They are at the Climate Prediction Center:




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