Next chance for colder and snow is in the 2nd half of the week

11:50 AM MST, Sunday, November 17, 2019

Enjoy dry and unseasonably warm weather Monday and Tuesday (and maybe part of Wednesday) because the 2nd half of the week is likely to be colder and unsettled.


A slow-moving, organized Pacific storm is forecast to move mostly to the south of Colorado Wednesday through Friday. It’s difficult to give details at this time, but it appears somewhat likely that the Front Range region will see a period of snow (or rain changing to snow) Wednesday afternoon or night. After that we are probably in for a couple days of colder than average weather (but not very cold) and maybe some intermittent snow in the Thursday or Friday time period. Although the storm is capable of major snowfall, at this time it appears that significant impacts are likely to stay south of Pueblo, and relatively minor amounts are probably in store for the Denver-Boulder area.


The good news is that the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado may receive a major snowfall, and that part of the state has the most serious drought conditions. The storm may also produce precipitation in parts of fire-stricken southern California as it moves inland from the Pacific this week.

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