Colder, some snow uncertainty Saturday

3:00 PM MST, Thursday, December 26, 2019

The next storm system for Colorado is likely to be in 2 pieces Friday and Saturday as it moves from Arizona to Nebraska. Most of the reliable model guidance suggests heavy snow will occur tomorrow in the San Juan mountains of southwestern Colorado (more than 12″). More modest amounts (4-8 inches) are likely across the southern Colorado foothills (mainly south of Colorado Springs) Friday night, and then spread to the northeastern plains (mainly east of Denver) on Saturday. Minor amounts are most likely in the Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins region.

Uncertainty for Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins

Although the scenario above is what most of our weather model guidance suggests, there is one notable exception. The GFS model forecasts that the more significant snowfall on Saturday will be a little farther west into the Denver-Boulder area. Since the GFS is the odd one out, that possibility is low, but it is possible. I will update tomorrow.

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