Mild Saturday, cooler Sunday, windy at times

12:30 pm MST, Friday, January 3, 2020

Expect mild temperatures Saturday (well into the 50s along the urban corridor) and then about 10-15 degrees cooler Sunday, but still not below average. By Monday temperatures might be a little below average.


Dry weather is expected, except there might be some localized snow in the mountains starting late Sunday. Areas of blowing snow are likely at some of the high passes at times over the weekend.


Windiness might be the real story. In southeastern Wyoming strong winds (gusts over 60 mph) are likely Saturday and again late Sunday after what might be a slight lull period early Sunday. For the northeastern Colorado foothills and adjacent plains the setup is not as clear cut, but if you are travelling you should be prepared for some local strong westerly gusts in and near the foothills on Saturday, especially late Saturday. After what may be a quieter period early Sunday, the chances for strong northwesterly gusts increases again late Sunday and may extend out onto the high plains.

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