Snowy mountains, intermittent snow foothills & plains

12:45 PM MST, Thursday, February 6, 2020

Expect difficult travel through Friday if you are heading west over the high mountain passes. The remainder of this blog will concentrate on the eastern foothills and plains.


A widespread continuous snowstorm is unlikely. Rather, we are likely to see the development and decay of narrow northwest-to-southeast bands of snow over the eastern foothills and plains Thursday night and/or Friday. Weather will vary from no precip (and even some peeks of sun) to briefly heavy snow over short distances or short periods of time. It is possible that some of those bands may become nearly stationary for several hours on Friday. At any given time most areas should be outside the snow bands.

Accumulation variability:

1-4 inches in about 60% of the area from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne (probably accumulating in short-bursts separated by dry weather).

0-1 inch in about 20% of the area.

Over 4 inches (locally over 6) in about 20% of the area. Be aware of rapidly changing conditions. 

There is a slightly better chance for the heaviest accumulations in Larimer or Weld counties, but it is possible anywhere along the Front Range north of Colorado Springs.

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