Colder Friday, some clouds and precipitation around

5:45 AM MDT, Thursday, March 26, 2020

Today will be the last day with above-average temperatures for a while. Although very cold weather is not expected, Friday will trend colder with clouds around and some showery precipitation. This is not expected to be a very wet storm like last week. Saturday to Monday are forecast to be generally dry (maybe a few showers around Monday). Sunday will probably see the mildest temperatures of the weekend, with afternoon temperatures close to average (which is upper 50s for Denver-Boulder).


Will it snow Friday? The precipitation that is around Friday morning is expected to be intermittent and mainly rain below 7500 feet. Later Friday there is a chance for a change to snow in lower elevations, mainly in southeastern Wyoming and in the Palmer Divide region of Colorado. Accumulations in Cheyenne and the Palmer Divide region are likely to be in the 2-5 inch range.  For Denver-Boulder-Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, 0-2 inches. The chance for accumulation goes up with elevation, and there is a good chance for a 6-inch snowfall above 7500 feet.

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