Extended wintry period tonight through Thursday

Noon MDT, Saturday, April 11, 2020

Easter Sunday will be wintry this year. In fact, looking back over the last few months, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, and St Patricks Day all had dry weather with daytime temperatures in the 50s. Easter will be different.

A multi-day spell of unseasonably cold weather will begin tonight and extend through at least Thursday. Record lows might be set early in the week and there will probably be more than one snowy period, with the first beginning early Easter morning.


The ground will probably be whitened Easter morning by 1-4″ in and near the foothills (Boulder, Broomfield west side of metro Denver, Castle Rock, and Cheyenne), but perhaps and inch or less farther northeast (DIA, Longmont, Fort Collins) and down in Colorado Springs.

There is a good chance lull periods Sunday, but it appears a few more inches are likely after Sunday morning, especially Sunday night into Monday. Some areas, especially foothills locations, will probably top 6 inches. Very cold temperatures Sunday night might cause widespread icy road conditions.

The cold unsettled weather will continue through midweek, with some indication of another period of accumulating snow late Wednesday or Thursday.



If skies clear or partially clear, there is a good chance for record lows Monday morning, and a chance Tuesday morning too. The record low for Monday is 14 in Boulder (1959) and 17 in Denver (1933). The Tuesday morning record lows are 14 in Boulder (2014) and 15 in Denver (1933). Temperatures on Sunday are likely to remain below freezing all day, and only get up to around freezing on Monday. The strength of the April sun (even when it’s overcast) should be able to keep the main roads just wet during the day, or dry them during lull periods.

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