Next snow coming this evening and Thursday

1:00 PM MDT, Wednesday, April 15, 2020

As of 1:00 the leading edge of the next cold front is almost all the way through Wyoming and is expected to move south along the Front Range this afternoon and early evening. Snow is likely to develop this evening and last until tomorrow evening. The heaviest snowfall is likely to come later tonight and Thursday morning, and then taper off in the afternoon and evening.


Two things to keep in mind. 1) The track of the storm suggests the strongest potential for heavy snow will be north of I-70, and 2) snow this time of year accumulates most effectively during the night and early morning.


Most likely accumulations:

7-14″ in the foothills and mountains of southeastern Wyoming, and in the Colorado foothills and mountains north of I-70. (4-8 inches in foothills farther south)

5-10″ Broomfield, Boulder, Fort Collins, Cheyenne

3-7″ metro Denver (heaviest more likely on the northwest side of Denver.

1-4″ inches south of Denver and in Colorado Springs

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