Very warm weather coming

2:30 PM MDT, Friday, May 15, 2020

There hasn’t been much to write about lately since there are no big extremes in the weather. Mild weather with afternoon/evening showers and thunderstorms are expected again today and Saturday, but perhaps with less numerous showers on Saturday. Beginning Sunday we are likely to enter a much warmer period with very little chance for rain. There may be some high clouds from time to time the reduce the afternoon warming a bit, but if we manage to get a mainly sunny day, we could see afternoon temperatures reach the upper 80s early next week.

2 thoughts on “Very warm weather coming

  1. Laura Osborn

    Matt, I subscribe to your weather blog. I am curious if there is a different circulation pattern the last couple weeks. My question is based upon the fact that local birders are reporting all kinds of rarities day after day. Many warbler species that rarely come through during migration and other birds. In our yard today, (west Boulder near Chautauqua) we observed both Indigo Bunting and Lazuli Bunting males and females at our suet feed. This has never happened before. Also, Indigo Buntings are species which one is very lucky to see locally any more. Possibly also many of the rare warblers which are showing up are found further east during Spring migration. Then I was thinking, that this is the first time in our lifetime that the western U.S. is a much quieter place (in the skies and on the ground). Maybe this adds to the situation–but then again, maybe it is significantly quieter a bit to the east of us also. All and all–puzzling. I look at COBIRDS: People comment about this lately a lot. So I began thinking about circulation patterns, especially at night when migration takes place. Any thoughts? Please reply privately.
    Thanks so much,
    Laura Osborn


  2. mkelsch14 Post author

    Although we are going into a warmer weather pattern, it isn’t really a big shift. the warmer weather was just west of the continental divide. I suspect it may have more to do with the reduced amount of traffic activity and not the weather. Many places in the world are seeing impacts on wildlife.



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