How long for this heat wave?

3:50 PM MDT, Thursday, July 9, 2020

It appears that this prolonged period of above-average temperatures is likely to hang on until next Tuesday. And a shift to cooler on Wednesday might be temporary.


Friday has the potential for being the hottest day in this stretch. Thunderstorms on the far eastern plains of Colorado this evening may send a cool outlow of air toward the Front Range tonight that lingers into morning. But it looks like drier and hotter air will push its way through the Front Range region by afternoon resulting in high temperatures in the 95-100 range for much of the urban corridor and eastern plains.


Saturday will probably be a little cooler but still at least 90 for most low-elevation areas and little or no chance for rain. Sunday and Monday have the potential to be very hot again, but with a possible spoiler. There may be some mid level moisture arriving. It won’t be enough to result in widespread rain, but it may cause some clouds. So although the potential exists for temperatures in the 95-100 range again, cloudier areas may top out in the low 90s.



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