Heat, smoke, maybe thunderstorms next week

10:30 AM MDT, Saturday, August 22, 2020

Some local spots received some rain during the last couple days, but most of us did not see any rain of consequence. The chance for rain today and Sunday is nearly zero. By Monday, the chance for afternoon thunderstorms goes up a little once more, but the chance for any substantial rain at any one location will remain quite small into mid week.


Daily high temperatures this weekend will be near record. The record highs today and Sunday are 97 and 98 in Boulder, 98 and 98 in Denver, 95 and 98 in Fort Collins, and 92 and 94 in Cheyenne. Although there may be some more afternoon clouds Monday-Wednesday, afternoon highs well into the 90s are likely to continue for the urban corridor.


For a couple weeks we have been seeing and feeling the effects of smoke from fires in Colorado. Smoke from California fires is now in the middle atmosphere over the entire central Rocky Mountain region. Although the severity of smoke may vary from day to day, expect the smoke haze to continue.


I’m watching eagerly for the possibility of more widespread showery rains later next week. It certainly is not a done deal yet, but worth watching.

2 thoughts on “Heat, smoke, maybe thunderstorms next week

  1. Brad Nichols

    Hi Matt,

    As always, thanks for your forecasts. I (almost) always read them.

    I have a question. Do you know the record number of days over 90° in Denver and what year that was? And where do we stand this year?

    Thanks, Brad

    Brad Nichols Colorado & Rocky Mountains, USA CMH Heli-Skiing and Summer Adventures C: 303.378.9106 (I’m in Denver) brad@cmhheli.com

    WATCH POWDER SKIING MOVIE» Head offices: 217 Bear St; Box 1660; Banff, AB; T1L 1J6 Canada



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