Cooling trend in a couple days

12:45 PM MDT, Wednesday, August 26, 2020

We have a couple more hot days and then a little less hot on Friday, and something we can really call cooler by Monday. But before then, Thursday may see near record hot temperatures (record highs in Denver and Boulder are 98 and 96 for Thursday).

Although most of us will not see any rain of consequence today or Thursday, there is a better chance today than there has been, so you can hope. Friday afternoon and night might bring the best coverage of showers/thunderstorms that we’ve seen in weeks, but even then, it probably won’t get everyone.

A cold front late Sunday or Sunday night is likely to bring a real change. It’s not record cool, but the last day of August (Monday) may be the only day this month when almost all Front Range stations observe below-average temperature. It is not a particularly moist air mass behind the cold front, but at this point I can’t rule out some clouds and rain with the cooler air mass.

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