Mainly dry and cool through the weekend

11 AM MST, Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Except for a small chance of some spotty light snow Thanksgiving evening, the 4-day weekend should be dry and cool. A weak storm moving through on Thanksgiving may produce a few patches of light snow in the early evening, but most of the Front Range region will have little or no accumulation. Where it does accumulate, it will likely be less than an inch.

Saturday will probably be the only day of the weekend with afternoon temperatures a little bit above average. The other days will likely be a little below average (staying below 50 in the urban corridor). So overall, there is not too much to report for the long weekend’s weather.

1 thought on “Mainly dry and cool through the weekend

  1. boulderpicksandpans1234

    Hi Matt (I don’t know if you get replies to this… but good there’s “not too much to report” — though i’d like it to be a little warmer, like yesterday. Ah well. I’m continuing with my resolution of two falls ago, “Try to have a less contentious relationship with winter.”

    Happy happy happies to you, Marc




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