Colder Tuesday-Thursday, maybe a little snow

3:15 PM MST, Monday, November 30, 2020

Today (Monday) was the mild day of the week. A cold front tonight will make Tuesday at least 10-15 degrees colder, and another cold front by Wednesday morning will make it even colder. Daytime temperatures on Wednesday are likely to remain below freezing even in the urban corridor. The good news is that the cold air may start to moderate by the end of the week, and the initial outlook is that the weekend won’t be so bad for December.

Snow? Both cold fronts this week are associated with upper level storms, but we are in a dry air mass. The result will probably be some scattered areas of mainly light snow or flurries Tuesday and/or Wednesday. The best chance for accumulation is in the mountains where several inches are likely. For the lower elevations of the Front Range we will likely see a trace to a couple inches by Wednesday, with accumulation more likely in the south and west sides of metro Denver than to the north and east.

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