Winter returns before the end of the week

5:45 AM MST, Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Today will be the last day in our current stretch of unseasonably warm weather for a little while. Tomorrow will be colder, but not too bad. Then tomorrow night through Saturday night are likely to have frequent cloudy periods, some periods of snow, and daytime temperatures not doing better than the 30s even in the low elevations.

The first period of snow will probably be Thursday night and Friday morning with about 1-4″, most likely in and near the foothills.

A series of weak Pacific storms won’t allow a complete clearing out Friday. There may be lulls and some breaks in the cloud cover, but additional periods of snow (mainly light) appear likely through Saturday morning. Even on Saturday night there may be one more weak disturbance bringing at least some clouds, and maybe some more light snow. Through all of that a few more inches are likely.

So a big snowstorm does not appear to be bearing down on us, but a multi-day period of cold and occasionally snowy weather does seem to be on the way.

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