Milder weather following a little clouds and flurries

5:45 AM MST, Friday, December 18, 2020

Some clouds and maybe some flurries or light snow will be around today, but then look for a dry weekend, with temperatures a little milder each day through Monday.

The snowfall potential is pretty minor. In fact, little or no measurable snow is the most likely outcome for many parts of the Front Range. Where it does snow more substantially (southern metro Denver, Castle Rock, and higher mountains) we are probably only looking at around and inch.

Snowfall is running below average this season in most areas, although not nearly as low as some past years. Remember that we got an early start this year in September. The long range pattern is not looking promising for any major snowstorms.

Winter Solstice

Temperatures in the lower elevations are likely to rise into the 50s Sunday and Monday. The winter solstice is at 3:02 AM MST Monday, but they day won’t be nearly as wintry as it could be this time of year. Occasional gusty Chinook winds might be the price to pay for the warmer weather. The next cold front is due in late Tuesday, and right now it’s looking like another dry one.

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