Turning colder tonight; not much snow

5:45 AM MST, Wednesday, February 3, 2021

After a mild day today a cold front is set to return the temperatures to more seasonable levels tonight through Friday. Widespread accumulating snow is unlikely. Any precipitation will probably be this evening, possible starting as a little rain in the lower elevations. The best chance for accumulating snow in the foothills and plains will be north of Colorado Springs and south of I-70, and even here the amounts will likely be minor (dusting to 2 inches). There is a chance north of I-70, but it’s small and much of this area is likely to see no accumulation. More significant amounts (3-6 inches) are possible above treeline and some localized spots along the Palmer Divide.

We are now in a pattern with some very cold air sliding into the north-central U.S. and we will see occasional cold fronts bring some of the cold air into eastern Colorado. Another cold front over the weekend is likely to bring even colder temperatures, but a widespread significant snow remains elusive. Except for the mountains down near New Mexico where snowpack is near normal, most of Colorado snowpack is at 75% or less as of February 2nd.

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