Rain & snow this afternoon/evening

5:20 AM MST, Thursday, March 4, 2021

A storm system moving eastward across southern Colorado today will bring precipitation to the Front Range region. The best chance for significant accumulating snow is south of Denver and north of Colorado Springs. The storm will have a relatively small area of influence, but it may snow hard for a few hours where it does have impact. Rain is also likely to be part of this storm, especially at the start. Mild weather is likely to return on Friday as we head into the weekend.

Most likely accumulation of wet snow:

3-6 inches in some areas from the south Denver suburbs to the northern suburbs of Colorado Springs (Palmer Divide, Castle Rock)

For the Denver area (Denver, Douglas, Arapahoe & southern Jefferson counties) there is a small chance for a fast 3-6 inches after some rain, but the odds favor minor accumulation of less than 2 inches.

North of I-70 (Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, Fort Collins) the chance for any accumulating snow after some rain is small.

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