Potential remains for significant storm over the weekend

12:15 PM MST, Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Before I get to the weekend storm, there is a cold front and some unsettled weather for later tonight. Snow in the mountains should make roads a bit snow-packed at the high passes by tomorrow morning. As the front moves east there may be some areas with squally rain or rain-changing-to-snow showers over the urban corridor in the late night or early morning. Accumulation should be spotty and minor. Then we are in for a cooler period through Friday with some chance of snow Thursday night or Friday morning.

The storm with potential major impact would be Saturday and Sunday. From the various long-range model guidance it looks like the Front Range region will probably get at least a two-day period with intermittent snow amounting to at least an inch of liquid equivalent and 10-20″ of snow, but the snow will fall over a long period of time and there may be some melting reducing the total on the ground.

However, as you may have gathered from selected things other people are posting, there is a subset of the guidance that has consistently shown an evolution of the storm that would result in a very major snowfall, measured in feet. Later in the week some of the high-resolution short-range models that forecast for 2-3 days lead time will be weighing in on this storm. So more updates to come.

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