Monthly Archives: April 2021

Cold week, wet snow at times

5 AM MDT, Monday, April 12, 2021

As advertised, the cooling trend began on Sunday and colder than average weather is likely to continue into the coming weekend. Beginning this evening we are also likely to see intervals of low clouds and wet snow (maybe a bit of rain in the lower elevations).

The first chance for precipitation is tonight. Snow accumulations should be minor, if any, and mainly limited to grassy areas. Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning will probably bring a better chance for snow accumulation. During that period there could be around 4-8 inches in places like Nederland and Estes Park, and 1-4 inches in the lower elevations. And there will probably be at least one more period of snow before the end of the week.

Spring to take a hiatus next week

12:30 PM MDT, Friday, April 9, 2021

Saturday is shaping up to be the warmer day of the weekend. By Sunday a cooling trend will set in, although it still looks mainly dry. But the pattern shaping up may bring us a full week of below-average temperature and at last one chance for widespread wet snow. It’s hard to say at this point when it will snow and which days may be coldest. Right now it looks like Sunday and Monday will be mainly dry and cooler, but colder and wetter weather may move in toward midweek. Well, if you lived in these parts for any length of time, you know that’s April in the Rockies.

Thunder today?

6AM MDT, Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Cooler weather and a weak storm system will likely result in some clouds and a scattering of showers later today. It’s possible that a few of those showers might be strong enough to produce some lightning and thunder. Showers that are still in the area tonight may change to snow. Overall, many parts of the urban corridor will get by with little or no precipitation. But a subset of the area may see a brief heavy shower this afternoon and/or enough snow to whiten grassy areas tonight.

Mild weather should return by Thursday followed by another brief spell of colder weather on Friday.