Thunder today?

6AM MDT, Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Cooler weather and a weak storm system will likely result in some clouds and a scattering of showers later today. It’s possible that a few of those showers might be strong enough to produce some lightning and thunder. Showers that are still in the area tonight may change to snow. Overall, many parts of the urban corridor will get by with little or no precipitation. But a subset of the area may see a brief heavy shower this afternoon and/or enough snow to whiten grassy areas tonight.

Mild weather should return by Thursday followed by another brief spell of colder weather on Friday.

1 thought on “Thunder today?

  1. Zhenya

    Big smile on my face as first the rain shower and then the lightning and thunder rolled through South Boulder a short time ago. You’re a wizard forecaster, Matt. In these tough times, that’s a comfort.



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