Rain and snow Monday-Tuesday

12:30 PM MDT, Sunday, May 9, 2021

The moist, cooler-than-average weather is likely to hang on until Wednesday, and it is likely to get wetter (and snowier) before it dries out. It looks like late Monday and Monday night may be the wettest period, and the period when the snow works its way to the lower elevations.

For today and part of Monday, expect cool weather with occasional breaks in the overcast, but also with some showers of thundershowers (rain below 6500 feet, snow above 8000 feet, and a mix between).

Late Monday afternoon into early Tuesday morning is when we may see some steady precipitation with the snow level lowering. Right now it looks like we should see 6-12 inches in areas above 7500 feet, and a highly variable 2-8 inches from 6000-7500 feet. In the lower elevations it looks like there will be enough snow after that changeover so that many areas will get 1-3 inches on vegetation, cars, and picnic tables.

There may be additional showers along with some periods of sun Tuesday and Wednesday, rain in the lower elevations. Warm weather is expected to return Thursday.

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