Wetter and colder by Sunday

10 AM MDT, Saturday, May 29, 2021

Hopefully you are not reading this blog right when it publishes, but instead you are enjoying the beautiful Saturday morning, which may be the nicest weather of the weekend. A cold front has moved through the Front Range region this morning and temperatures should level out or even begin to fall during this afternoon. Moist air behind the front will lead to showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening.

A storm moving through the Central Rockies late tonight through Sunday night will cause upslope (easterly) flow along the Front Range. The result will be a generally cloudy and cool period with at least one multi-hour period of steady rain or drizzle (wet snow above treeline). Temperatures on Sunday may struggle to reach 60 even in the lower elevations. Monday will probably see some breaks in the overcast after some low clouds and fog in the morning, and maybe some showers redeveloping in the afternoon.

Because precipitation will be rain in the foothills, be alert around recent burn scars for muddy water or rocks flowing onto the road during periods of heavier rain.

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