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Some smoke coming, then wetter in early September

6 AM MDT, Saturday, August 28, 2021

Have you heard of Hurricane Nora? The weather headlines this weekend will be dominated by Hurricane Ida heading for Louisiana. But the lesser-known Hurricane Nora, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, may be the one to have some influence on the weather in Colorado. An envelope of tropical moisture associated with the remnants of Nora are forecast to move north into Arizona and New Mexico by September 1st, and possible into Colorado and Wyoming during the period of September 2nd to 4th. That would increase the chances for widespread rain, but more on that in a few days.

Smoke: When prevailing winds are from the southwest, our smoke levels decrease because there is very little wildfire in the Southwest. But today the wind is more from the west, and some of the worst wildfire is to our west in central California. Smoke is already on the increase from Salt Lake to Cheyenne this morning, and that trend is likely to overspread the Denver-Boulder area today. A cold front this evening may help diffuse that smoke a little tonight and tomorrow, but the risk of occasional smoky skies will be with us for a few days.

Cold front: A cold front this evening will make Sunday a cooler day, but hot weather (90 in the lower elevations) is likely to return Monday and Tuesday. There may be some areas of low clouds and maybe some localized showers or drizzle tonight or Sunday morning, but widespread significant rain is not expected. Many areas will probably remain dry.

Moisture is leaving, smoke may return

7:30 AM MDT, Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The stretch of days with moisture in the air is coming to an end as a drier atmosphere will work its way across the region today and stick around through at least the end of the week.

I hope you had a chance to breathe deep this morning. There is still a lot of smoke across the northern Rockies that extends east from major fires in the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada. As the flow across Colorado becomes more northwesterly today, we may see a return to smoky skies. 90-degree days will also make a comeback this week.