Slightly better chance of rain for a couple days

6 AM MDT, Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Moisture from what was once Hurricane Nora in the Pacific has resulted in some locally heavy rain in the desert Southwest. Some more locally heavy rain and flash flooding is possible today in western Colorado, particularly in the San Juans. For the Front Range, the chance for significant rain is smaller. It should be cooler, with some showers or thunderstorms around, but many parts of the Front Range could get through the next couple days without any significant rain that really soaks into the soil.

The good news is that the prevailing southwesterly winds should help lower the smoke concentration in the air for a day or two. The bad news is that the prevailing wind should become more westerly again by Friday, and there is still a lot of smoke being pumped into the atmosphere to our west in California.

For August, the Boulder climate station had 0.68 inches of rain, which is only 40% of the 30-year average. It is the 13th August in a row that is drier than average. No other month has had such a consistent anomaly, either dry or wet. Although there were some local areas that got a heavy thunderstorm during August, the major climate stations in Cheyenne, Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs had a drier and hotter August than average.

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