Two changes coming in next four days

6:30 AM MDT, Friday, October 8, 2021

Two cold fronts and accompanying storm systems are forecast to move through Colorado in the next 4-5 days, one tonight, and a stronger one on Tuesday.

Friday night and Saturday

A storm system is likely to bring some intermittent rain (snow above treeline) to mountain areas tonight and Saturday. For the Front Range foothills and plains, a brief shower is possible, but it is likely to remain mostly (or completely dry) in most areas. There may be some gusty west-northwest winds by Saturday morning. Although it will be a bit cooler this weekend, we should still have relatively mild autumn temperatures.

Tuesday and Tuesday night

A stronger storm system and accompanying cold front is forecast to move through Colorado and Wyoming on Tuesday. That one has a greater potential to bring significant snow to the mountains and high valleys. For the eastern foothills and plains, the chance for significant rain changing to snow is more questionable. Right now the orientation and track of the storm would result in winds changing from mostly south to mostly north, with very little easterly “upslope” flow. That evolution could change, but right now it looks like the best chance for moderate or heavy snow on the east slope will be north of Cheyenne. Updates to come.

You might want to start planning for widespread freezing temperatures on Wednesday and/or Thursday morning.

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