Snow for mountains, unsettled eastern plains

6:30 AM MDT, Monday, October 11, 2021

A strong storm system is expected to move across Colorado and into western Nebraska on Tuesday and Tuesday night. It should bring the first significant snow to the mountains (especially west-facing slopes) where 6-12″ is likely. Lesser amounts are expected in western valleys.

The track of the storm won’t result in easterly upslope for the eastern foothills and plains, so much less precipitation is expected there. Some snow may spill over from the west a result in some light accumulation, mainly west of Peak to Peak highway. We may have some brief squally showers (mainly rain) in the urban corridor, but precipitation totals are likely to be scattered and generally light. There is only a very small chance for widespread measurable snow. There is a better chance for some measurable snow in Cheyenne, but the more significant snow and wind is likely to be north of there.

We get another shot for snow on Thursday and Thursday night. The next storm is weaker and will likely bring some light snow amounts to the mountains. The Thursday afternoon/evening storm will bring a better chance for widespread light precipitation (rain changing to snow) for the eastern foothills and plains.

Temperatures through the period (except Tuesday morning) may result in localized frost. By Friday and Saturday mornings, widespread freezes are increasingly likely.

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