Dry, mild weather returns

6 AM MDT, Wednesday, November 3, 2021

The cool, damp weather of the last few days will begin to release its grip after some dense morning fog in some parts of eastern Colorado. Afternoon temperatures today will be milder than we have seen in a few days. Thursday through Monday should bring dry weather with unseasonably mild temperatures. Windy conditions are likely to develop on Friday for some areas in and near the foothills.

Looking farther away, a significant solar flare took place (second on in a week), and a solar storm is heading toward Earth. This should trigger aurora borealis (northern lights). Like the one a fews days ago, it probably won’t be visible as far south as Colorado. But forecasting solar storm impacts is quite challenging, so if you in a dark area tonight (or very early tomorrow), take a look to the north in case the sky is glowing this far south.

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