Weather may be a little more seasonable next week

12:30 PM MST, Friday, December 3, 2021

I probably don’t need to point out that we had a record or near record meteorological autumn (September-October-November) in many locations along the Front Range in both terms of both warmth and dryness. Then December started out with a couple record highs in many locations.

Today may seem cool, but we are still running about 10 degree above average. Saturday through Sunday morning are likely to see more unusually warm weather, with an increasing chance of strong, gusty west winds late Saturday into early Sunday. Then Sunday afternoon and evening should turn colder, but not bitter cold, to start the new week. There will probably be additional cold fronts around Tuesday night and again at the end of the week, with some brief warm up ahead of those fronts.

You probably want to know about moisture. The cold fronts late Sunday and Tuesday night are looking mainly dry along the Front range. There may be some minor snowfall in the high terrain, mainly on west-facing slopes. Both long range models suggest that in the Friday-Saturday time period (next week) we stand a better chance for significant snow with a colder air mass. But be aware that there were a few time in the past few weeks that looked promising for snow and cold in the 7-10 day range, and then those fizzled out. Let’s hope this chance actually hangs together.

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