Snow coming for mountains; probably a minor event for the Front Range urban corridor

5:50 AM, Wednesday December 8, 2021

A significant snowfall is coming to the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming Thursday and Friday (mainly Thursday night). Over a foot is likely near and to the west of the continental divide. Lesser amounts are expected to the east in places like Nederland and Estes Park (2-4 inches). Heavy snow is likely on the plains in east-central Wyoming, mainly north of Cheyenne. Cheyenne will probably see 3-6 inches.

For the Colorado urban corridor, this will likely be a minor snowfall of a dusting to 2 inches, mainly Thursday evening through Friday morning. There is a chance of getting more than 2″, mainly to the north of Denver, but that is the less likely scenario. There is also a small chance of getting by without any snow, mainly south of Denver. The snow that does fall will likely be oriented in narrow bands from southwest to northeast, so conditions can change rapidly over short distances.

Until then, we may see some areas of strong west wind in and along the lower foothills later today and early Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Snow coming for mountains; probably a minor event for the Front Range urban corridor

  1. Greg Berman

    Hi Matt, we have never met, but I have heard your name over the years. I know you are very well respected in the weather community. I’ve been forecasting weather for 30 years and am always looking to read local weather blogs. I just found yours yesterday. Very nice work and spot on! Glad I found you online. Thanks for sharing your weather insights! Looking forward to reading more! — Greg in North Boulder



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