Snow and cold arrives for New Year’s Eve

3:20 PM MST, Wednesday, December 29, 2021

The main update since my blog yesterday morning is that there is more confidence for a significant snowfall Friday afternoon through Saturday morning. Even in the urban corridor you should expect winter travel conditions by evening on New Year’s Eve.

Timing: Much colder weather will move into the Front Range region Friday morning (possibly afternoon south of Denver). Snowfall is appearing likely Friday afternoon through early Saturday morning, heaviest will probably be Friday evening.

Amounts: The potential exists for widespread 5-8 inches in and along the foothills (with some local reports around 10), including Fort Collins, Boulder, Nederland, and the west suburbs of Denver. Lesser amounts are expected as you move east, but still significant enough to impact travel. Look for 3-6 inches in Cheyenne, Longmont, DIA; and 2-4 inches in Colorado Springs.

Cold: Prepare for a shock to the system! Temperatures are likely to fall quickly to the teens after snow begins Friday, bottom out in the 0-10 range New Year’s Day morning, and struggle to make 20 on New Year’s Day. The cold should let up noticeably by Monday.

1 thought on “Snow and cold arrives for New Year’s Eve

  1. Greg Berman

    Great call Matt! I too was in the 1 o 4 range until the latest runs started to agree. Your 5 to 8 looks to be spot on. I actually was going to be a bit more conservative on Weather Talk, going with a 3 to 7, but I really do like what you are doing with this system. The models have not been trustworthy this season so I’m still a bit skeptical until I go through another 24 hours of runs. Sure looking forward to something I can actually measure. Thanks for all the great work you do! Happy New Year!



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