Windy Tuesday, Colder with snow by late Wednesday

6:20 Am MST, Monday, January 3, 2021

The very cold air has let up, but it’s not too far away and will likely make a comeback by late Wednesday. Before then, some areas in and along the foothills may experience high winds, particularly on Tuesday. Although the wind could be accompanied by blowing snow, fire risk is thankfully at a minimum due to that snow.

Wind: High wind along the Front Range moves in from above as the higher wind aloft gets deflected to the surface. That’s why it can be so sporadic and vary greatly over short distances. Tuesday appears to present the best chance for wind making it down to the surface, with some risk for the higher foothills persisting into Wednesday.

Cold and snow: The first cold front late Tuesday will probably only make it a bit colder in the lower foothills and plains, and probably won’t bring snow. That cold air may erode away on Wednesday before a stronger cold front (similar to the one on New Years Eve) arrives late Wednesday. Snow is likely to spread from north to south along the Front Range Wednesday and dissipate early Thursday. Still not sure on the amounts, but there is potential for 3-6 inches of fluffy snow.

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