Next cold front Friday, some snow for the weekend

12:05 PM, Thursday, February 8, 2018

…but first the gusty wind. We are in the mild chinook pattern ahead of the cold front and there have been some areas of gusty west winds today near the foothills. The chance for strong wind gusts in and near the foothills will increase tonight before they die down on Friday.


Friday-Friday night

It may still be mild in the morning, but the cold front is likely to turn it colder for the afternoon and evening. Some areas of low clouds along with light snow or freezing drizzle might develop, with little or no accumulation.

Saturday-Saturday night

Even colder air on Saturday is likely to keep the Front Range urban corridor below freezing all day. There is also a better chance for snow, but like recent storms, probably not very big. It does look like this one might produce a widespread 1-2 inches (mainly late Saturday), with a little more in the higher mountain areas.


Drier and less cold on Sunday.


Next cold front late Monday

6:30 AM, Monday, February 5, 2018

Warm chinook winds overspread the Front Range and adjacent plains overnight ahead of the next cold front that is near Casper at 6 AM. There are clouds and snow along the higher peaks this morning. Some of those clouds are breaking off and moving east, so don’t be surprised by a few localized rain showers in the lower foothills and plains this morning.


The cold front should slip through Cheyenne in the late morning or midday and then move south through the Colorado Front Range Monday afternoon and early evening. A period of low clouds and some areas of snow is probable tonight and/or Tuesday morning. Accumulations are likely to be minor, a trace in most places and around an inch in other areas. In the mountains (mainly above treeline) around 6 inches is likely, locally more on the west side of the continental divide.


Midler weather should return Wednesday ahead of the next cold front late Friday or Saturday.

Fairly quiet weather other than a couple of relatively weak cold fronts.

12:45 PM, Friday, February 2, 2018

I was away for a few days, but back and looking at what’s coming up. There is nothing too exciting, especially if you’re hoping for a real snowstorm along the Front Range.

After a mild Saturday a cold front should make it a bit colder in eastern Colorado on Sunday, but little or no precipitation is expected. Milder weather will probably return by Monday morning ahead of another cold front late Monday. That one has a little better chance for creating some clouds and light snow. But at this time I don’t see any extreme cold or significant snowfall on the horizon for the next week.

Snowy Sunday on the way

3:00 PM, Saturday, January 20, 2018

Expect a snowy Sunday, mainly in the morning, with winter travel conditions. The storm is likely to start along the Front Range late tonight (around midnight, maybe a little earlier in Cheyenne), peak Sunday morning, and taper off during the afternoon. Snow and blowing snow might linger well into the afternoon for the far eastern plains of Colorado.

Most likely accumulations:

4-7 inches: foothills, Fort Collins, Boulder, Denver (less in Colorado Springs).

6-10 inches in the higher mountains (above treeline), and in the Cheyenne area.

Areas of blowing snow, especially east of I-25


If there will be more, what to watch for:

The storm is intensifying as it moves east into Kansas. If that intensification is a little early or the storm movement slows, moderate or heavy snow might continue a little longer into the Sunday midday hours. That’s only a small chance, but that chance is at least as great out at DIA as it is near the foothills.

On the other hand, if the intensification is delayed, the heavy snow might not develop at all along the foothills, also a small chance.


Dry weather should return Monday-Thursday.



Cold & snowy by Sunday morning

Noon, Friday, January 19, 2018

The current mild weather will continue into Saturday. But change is on the way late Saturday afternoon or evening that will likely result in wintry travel conditions by Sunday morning.

This storm is a little more organized than recent storms and should bring a slug of Pacific moisture with it. That’s the part of this story that is conducive to significant snow. Now the part that might reduce the snow amounts– the storm system may not really ramp up until it is mostly east of the Front Range. Below is what I think is the most likely scenario.


Some snow (maybe some low elevation rain and first) begins Saturday afternoon in western Colorado, but holds off until Saturday night in the Front Range region. There may be a period of heavy snow early Sunday, and an increasing chance for areas of blowing snow (mainly east of I-25).

Widespread accumulations of 3-6 inches, and areas near the foothills won’t necessarily get the most. Local areas of 6-10 in the mountains.


I’ll update late Saturday afternoon if a shift in the storm intensification changes the potential for heavy snow.


Brief warm spell, then colder & unsettled arriving late Saturday

12:30 PM, Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Very mild midwinter weather will be in place across the Front Range region Thursday and Friday. The next cold font and chance for snow arrives on the weekend, possibly not until Saturday night.


The warmth

Get ready for mid 50s to low 60s in most of the urban corridor of the Front Range Thursday and Friday. Just how warm it gets depends on if we see the development of high level clouds along the east side of the Rockies that cuts down the sun a bit. Thursday’s record high in both Denver and Boulder is 65. On Friday it’s 68 in Denver and 69 in Boulder. The chance of setting new records is small, but not impossible.


The weekend

The next storm and cold front will likely start affecting western Colorado Saturday with some snow in the mountains and rain or snow in the valleys. For the Front Range and eastern plains Saturday could turn out to be mainly dry and mild (probably cooler than Friday) before the impact of the cold front late in the day or at night.

There is a chance for a cloudy and snowy Saturday night or early Sunday, but it’s too early to tell the likely track just yet. In Boulder, the biggest snowfall so far this season is 6.0 inches way back on October 9th, and most of that melted on the road surfaces.


Strong cold front on Monday, maybe a little snow

7:10 AM, Sunday, January 14, 2018

After a mild day today (Sunday) a cold front should make Monday at least 25 degrees colder in eastern Colorado and Wyoming, including the Front Range region. The initial cold front is expected to be through the area by Monday morning, and temperatures are not expected to rise much, and may actually fall during the day. The change in western Colorado will likely be less dramatic.


Some light snow is likely to affect some parts of central and eastern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming on Monday as well, mainly during the day. Expect a trace to 1 inch in most areas, and 1-3 inches in the foothills/mountains north of I-70.


After that expect a mainly dry week with milder temperatures in the second half of the week. The next cold front and chance for snow will probably arrive late Friday or Saturday.