Record heat today; a little less hot by weekend

6:10 AM MDT, Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The heat wave will continue across the Front Range today and tomorrow. There will probably be some clouds that briefly interrupt the temperature rise, but high temperatures in the low elevations are still likely to be upper 90s to around 100. The record highs today and tomorrow in Denver are 96 and 98, and in Boulder they are 94 and 98.

Less hot weather (but still quite warm) is coming up this weekend with a small chance for afternoon thunderstorms. It looks like there will be a real cold front late Sunday, so Monday might actually be noticeably cooler. But at this point it appears that very warm or hot weather will return after Monday.

Cooler Friday; generally hot and dry into next week

1:15 PM MDT, Thursday June 10, 2021

A cold front tonight will make Friday cooler, but still warm. No rain is expected. And then we are in for a stretch of generally hot and dry weather. Look for around 90 in the lower elevations this weekend, and well into the 90s by early next week.

It is not unusual for late June and early July to bring a prolonged period of hot, dry weather, but it seemed to kick in a bit earlier that average this year. This is particularly bad news west of the continental divide where they did not benefit from a wet May like eastern Colorado did. And remember that some of the Front Range water comes from the West Slope. As you go west down the Colorado River, snowmelt contribution to Lake Powell (Utah) is forecast to be only 25% of average this snowmelt season.

Enjoy the weekend, and bring your sunscreen along when you go out.

Wetter and colder by Sunday

10 AM MDT, Saturday, May 29, 2021

Hopefully you are not reading this blog right when it publishes, but instead you are enjoying the beautiful Saturday morning, which may be the nicest weather of the weekend. A cold front has moved through the Front Range region this morning and temperatures should level out or even begin to fall during this afternoon. Moist air behind the front will lead to showers and thunderstorms later this afternoon and evening.

A storm moving through the Central Rockies late tonight through Sunday night will cause upslope (easterly) flow along the Front Range. The result will be a generally cloudy and cool period with at least one multi-hour period of steady rain or drizzle (wet snow above treeline). Temperatures on Sunday may struggle to reach 60 even in the lower elevations. Monday will probably see some breaks in the overcast after some low clouds and fog in the morning, and maybe some showers redeveloping in the afternoon.

Because precipitation will be rain in the foothills, be alert around recent burn scars for muddy water or rocks flowing onto the road during periods of heavier rain.

Cooler/wetter during holiday weekend

5:30 AM MDT, Friday, May 28, 2021

After a warm-than-average and dry Friday, the weekend will trend cooler and wetter, with that trend most obvious on Sunday.

The trend toward less warm will begin on Saturday accompanied by a chance for afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. Sunday and Monday are likely to be cooler than average (no warmer than the 60s in the low elevations) with a good chance for afternoon and evening rain. In fact, Sunday could end up being a mainly cloudy and damp day.

The chance for rain on the West Slope is not a great, but even there some late day thunderstorms are likely to be scattered around.

Afternoon-evening showers and thunderstorms this weekend

12:15 PM MDT, Friday, May 14, 2021

We are in a pattern with a higher-than-average amount of atmospheric moisture over the Front Range region, but without an organized storm system, at least through the first half weekend. The result for today, Saturday, and Sunday is generally party sunny and dry mornings to early afternoons (except for some localized fog or low clouds in the early morning), and then a scattering of showers and thunderstorms from mid afternoon through early evening. Not every location will get wet each day, but by Sunday night most places will probably see rain at least once.

By the end of the weekend there may be an organized, slow-moving storm system moving into the Front Range region that taps the moisture and leads to a more steady period of clouds and rain late on Sunday and/or on Monday. It’s not looking to be cold enough for snow except the higher elevations (above Nederland and Estes).

Rain and snow Monday-Tuesday

12:30 PM MDT, Sunday, May 9, 2021

The moist, cooler-than-average weather is likely to hang on until Wednesday, and it is likely to get wetter (and snowier) before it dries out. It looks like late Monday and Monday night may be the wettest period, and the period when the snow works its way to the lower elevations.

For today and part of Monday, expect cool weather with occasional breaks in the overcast, but also with some showers of thundershowers (rain below 6500 feet, snow above 8000 feet, and a mix between).

Late Monday afternoon into early Tuesday morning is when we may see some steady precipitation with the snow level lowering. Right now it looks like we should see 6-12 inches in areas above 7500 feet, and a highly variable 2-8 inches from 6000-7500 feet. In the lower elevations it looks like there will be enough snow after that changeover so that many areas will get 1-3 inches on vegetation, cars, and picnic tables.

There may be additional showers along with some periods of sun Tuesday and Wednesday, rain in the lower elevations. Warm weather is expected to return Thursday.

Colder, with rain & snow by Monday

12:15 PM MDT, Friday, May 7, 2021

The weekend will see a cooling trend with a chance for showers or thunderstorms, mainly in the afternoons. Saturday should be cooler than today but still be rather springlike for most of the day, then Sunday will be cooler.

The real story is Sunday night through Tuesday morning. Another cold, wet storm may be moving through the Front Range region, and like last Monday’s storm, it may be capable of producing over an inch of liquid. Unlike last Monday’s storm, this one might be a couple degrees colder. If that happens, rain could change to snow even in the lower elevations. I will update later in the weekend.

Weekend Weather: Warm & dry start, cooler & wetter finish

Another wet storm system is heading for the Front Range region Sunday evening through Monday. But Saturday will be a warm, dry day, perhaps the warmest so far this Spring. Temperatures are likely to top 80 in most low elevation locations.

Sunday may start out mild and dry, but a cooling trend is expected by afternoon, with showers and thunderstorms developing. Sunday night and Monday are looking like a mainly cloudy and wet period. As with the storm earlier this week, elevation will make a big difference in rain versus snow. It appears at this point that it will be mainly or all rain below 6000 feet, mainly or all snow about 8000 feet, and a mix of both in the foothills with more trend toward snow with time. The potential exists for over a foot of snow in the high elevations (above treeline) and an inch of rain in the lower elevations. Warm weather is likely to return in the second half of next week.

Rain, snow (maybe thunder) Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday morning

12:30 PM MDT, Monday, April 26, 2021

A wet spring storm is forecast to move through the Front Range region Tuesday afternoon and night, possibly lingering into Wednesday morning. Depending on location and elevation, the region should see rain, snow, thunder, and maybe some hail.

Elevation will be a big factor for rain versus snow this time around. Above 8000 feet the precipitation should be mostly or all snow, with 7-14 inches.

In the 6000-8000 elevation range there will probably be a transition from rain to snow, with some areas only getting and inch or two of snow, and other areas in the 6-8 inch range.

Below 6000 feet it looks like mostly or all rain, but some areas could see a change to snow by Wednesday morning with minor accumulation (an inch or two) in grassy areas. There could also be some thunderstorms with brief heavy rain and hail Tuesday afternoon. Overall, it looks like many areas will get about 1/2 to 1 inch of liquid, but where there are local heavy thunderstorms, there could be around 2 inches of liquid for the storm.

Warm spring weather should return by the end of the week.

More cool & unsettled weather, but warmer this weekend

5AM MDT, Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Major amounts of rain or snow are not expected for the remainder of the week, but cloudy periods with some light amounts of precipitation are likely. Then the weekend is looking warmer and drier, with lower elevation temperatures in the 60s Saturday, and 70s Sunday and Monday.

For today and tonight, some intermittent light snow is possible. Most areas will probably not see any accumulation, and where it does accumulate, it will probably be an inch of two. Thursday and Friday should see more breaks in the clouds, but a scattering of showers is likely in the afternoon/evening, probably rain lower elevations and snow higher up. Again, no significant amounts are expected. A trend toward less cold should be evident by Friday.